Black Americans New Political Identity: Afrodescendant

The term “Afrodescendant” is the political identity that was agreed upon by Afrodescendant people representing 19 countries in the Western Hemisphere at a March 2002 United Nations Forum in La Ceiba, Honduras. The 19 other participants (Countries) included Canada and Latin America, such as: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Lima, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay.  Afrodescendants in the United States were represented by Human Rights Expert, Mr. Silis Muhammad.

The term “Afrodescendant” refers to peoples who:

1) Were forcibly dispossessed of their homeland, Africa;

2) Were transported to the Americas and Slavery Diaspora for the purpose of enslavement;

3) Were subjected to slavery;

4) Were subjected to forced mixed breeding and rape;

5) Have experienced, through force, the loss of mother tongue, culture and religion;

6) And/or have experienced racial discrimination due to lost ties from their original identity.

7)…Who is experiencing ethnogenesis.

Today, 250 million descendants of slaves in the Western Hemisphere have a new political identity. The identity is Afrodescendant, a recognized name by the United Nations.

Do you identify as this term? 

It is time that we use our new United Nations recognized political identity.

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