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STEP ONE: Claim your Political Identity: Afrodescendant

You may be asking yourself, what does the term Afrodescendant mean?

The term “Afrodescendant” was the identity that was agreed upon by Afrodescendant people representing 19 countries. In March 2002, 19 Leaders representing 250 million descendants of slaves in the Western Hemisphere met at a United Nations Forum in La Ceiba, Honduras. The term “AFRODESCENDANT” refers to peoples who:

1) were forcibly dispossessed of their homeland, Africa;

2) were transported to the Americas and Slavery Diaspora for the purpose of enslavement;

3) were subjected to slavery;

4) were subjected to forced mixed breeding and rape;

5) have experienced, through force, the loss of mother tongue, culture and religion;

6) and/or have experienced racial discrimination due to lost ties from their original identity.

7) Who is experiencing ethnogenesis.

Today, 250 million descendants of slaves in the Western Hemisphere have a new political identity. The identity is Afrodescendant, a recognized name by the United Nations.

“In the United Nations there are two groups of peoples recognized from Africa. They are the peoples of “African Decent”, and the “Afrodescendants.” This can be found in United Nations record. When an issue is brought to the United Nations. The U. N. considers, and if need be, annexes other groups of people world-wide who are similarly situated. Hence, “the lingering effects of plantation slavery” is a phrase which best fits us all. This includes all of us in every country where ever we are scattered. There are 250,000,000 of us. Representatives from eighteen countries chose the term Afrodescendants to identify all of us who are descendants from plantation slavery. This term has been recognized by the United Nations. Why is this not acceptable? Is it because you were not there? Between 1998-2002, we asked for grass-root groups in the United States to participate in this process.” 

The Distinction Between Afrodescendants and People of African Descent

“There is a vast difference between Afrodescendants and people of African descent. While we enjoy the same comely color, we both view ourselves as being different. People of African descent still have their original identity: their mother tongue, culture, and religion, while Afrodescendants mimic the mother tongue, culture, and religion of our slave master’s children. Our identity, our dignity, and thus our essence, was taken. We can put on all the African clothes we want, and we still don’t have our identity.” 

Which definition best fits your political identity, and experience?

____Afrodescendant                                              ____People of African Descent


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